Escorts are professional people engaged in the business of escorts and are licensed by the state to practice. An service is a group of people or persons that, for personal or professional reason, make themselves available for the purpose of companionship or accompaniment. This service is offered either to single individuals or groups of friends or relatives on occasions that demand some form of personal interaction. In some circumstances, an escorts agency may offer services to married couples to enhance their relationship and create a pleasing environment for themselves.

The profession of escorts has been in existence for over two thousand years. However, their work is relatively new to the modern world. In many countries across the globe, both men and women advertise their ability to provide companionship or sexual services. These agencies advertise their services on newspapers, internet websites, radio, TV, in brochures and many other media. Because most agencies do not advertise their services to the general public, it is difficult to ascertain exactly how much they are able to make from their services.

Many agencies that provide the service of escorts employ young women as prostitutes in exchange for monetary compensation. Young girls are often forced into prostitution by their family members, pimps, teenagers or by men who want to satisfy their needs for excitement and sexual fulfillment. In cases where young girls are forced into prostitution, they may become so psychologically scarred that their ability to enjoy human life is seriously impacted. Their lives can be ruined for even longer periods in prison, orphanages and other institutions.

In a number of countries around the world, especially those that have a socially conservative attitude, the prostitution charge is levied primarily against the male client. However, in other countries, this sexual charge is commonly levied against the female companion of the male escorts. The penalty usually includes imprisonment for a minimum of five years. In some countries like Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines, it is not uncommon for sentences to be extended to seven years in prison. The penalties can increase even more in extreme cases.

The payment for an escorts’ services may be in the form of money, services rendered, sexual favors or any combination thereof. In most instances, payment is not made until the sexual act has been completed. Some agencies make escorts agree to provide the services for free, but the agreement is always conditional and is often for a specified period of time. Once the agreed period of time expires, the services cease and prostitution is to resume with the agency at full price.

Some escorts choose to work only during specific times of the day or evening, or only during particular days of the week. When a woman agrees to become a prostitute, she should be aware that she will be subjected to all forms of harassment both by the client and by other prostitutes working for the same agency. Most importantly, when prostitution is legalized, the escort or the prostitute will be breaking one of the most fundamental rules of human life: that of having the right to work, to be respected as a human being and to have a private life.

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