Based upon the popular local attractions in Wolverhampton for those looking for a sexy date. Playhouse Theatre is rated as being a top-rated, intimate, family-friendly and affordable night out for adults and teenagers. This intimate theatre is located in the centre of Little Germany, just off Purley Common near Wolverhampton escort agency and is perfect for a date or special occasion for groups of people.

The Playhouse Theatre has three main stages, namely The Biggy, The Breakthrough and The Secret. The break at The Biggy can be arranged by contacting one of the sexy ladies of the world through our professional wolverhampton escorts. For all those looking for a great night out, then a VIP experience is what they are looking for. The break at The Breakthrough is ideal for groups of two to four and includes drinks and dancing in a private lounge with a hired DJ. With a few drinks served and an after party cocktail, this is one of the best and most exclusive wolverhampton escorts’ experience!

The Secret is the third in our selection of the most popular wolverhampton escorts available for hire. As with The Biggy, you can arrange the entire evening here in a private lounge with our professional disc jockeys. This is a fantastic and romantic way to start off the evening as everyone is given their own space to relax in. You can have a complete satisfaction of enjoying your date with our professional disc jockeys playing songs that are perfect for romantic dates.

The fourth in our list is The Deal, which is the ultimate in wolverhampton escorts. The Deal gives you the opportunity to meet a specific man or woman who you have fallen in love with before and can be organised within just a few hours. After dinner entertainment, door prizes and cocktails are arranged where you can sit back and enjoy yourself. For a couple or larger group, we offer the opportunity to book an apartment, hotel room or private suite and can set up the evening from there.

Book One is another popular wolverhampton escorts service that we can offer you, without you having to book one of our other packages. As you will know, it’s not easy to find a date without meeting a girl and this is where we are able to do just that. Simply tell us how you would like to be entertained and we can arrange for a private dancer, a boy or girl entertainer, a cocktail wench and more to entertain you without you having to do anything at all. This is ideal if you’re coming back from a weekend out, a wedding anniversary or just want to relax with your partner.

For the ladies out there, don’t feel we have forgotten you. Just because you’re a lady, we can also offer you services such as door prizes, a flower girl and more. Our wolverhampton escorts have a good selection of babysitters on standby to care for your little ones when you aren’t around so you won’t have to worry about them being alone during your time away from home. As well as that, our men’s wolverhampton escorts offer the opportunity to join in with some local activities including paintball, clay pigeon shooting, paintballing, rugby and more!

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